Canada Can’t Wait for Marijuana Law to be Operative

According to the article published on, with Canada’s legalization of the marijuana industry, which is worth billions of dollars, set for 2018, former officers, who once fought for... Read more »

Uncertainty Lingers As Canadian Mission In Iraq Gets Another Makeover.

The Canadian military is sending 20 combat engineers and EOD experts to train Iraqi soldiers to dismantle booby traps, roadside bombs and other Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The Canadian... Read more »

UN Ponders Over Canada’s Peacekeeping Offer as Hard Part is Still to Come

Recently, Canada offered 200 ground troops to help in peacekeeping operations globally. The United Nations expressed its gratitude to Canada but there are questions about the where, when and... Read more »

Canadians Can Catch a Lyft

Lyft will begin operations in Toronto starting this December. The Canadian ride-hailing market has been dominated by Uber since 2012, despite the company receiving pushback from cab companies. It... Read more »

Lyft coming to Toronto

Lyft, an American ride-sharing company and Uber competitor, announced Monday that it will begin operating in Toronto in December. The operation in Canada’s largest city will be Lyft’s first... Read more »

Vancouver’s Rats May Soon Say “Rats!”

SFU biology professor Gerhard Gries may soon have Vancouver’s pesky population of rats on the run. Following nearly a decade of research, the professor has developed what he believes... Read more »

Canada And Australia Are Both Poised To Sell And Generate More Produce, But Will It Be Enough?

The countries of Canada and Australia would not seem to have a lot in common on paper. They are separated by a lot of distance on the map, but... Read more »

Canadian Entrepreneurs Give Some Great Advice

Several fantastic Canadian entrepreneurs recently gave advice as to how business owners should conduct themselves in order to be successful. The advice given by these individuals has been tested... Read more »

Keystone XL Clients Ready to Fill Pipeline with Oil If Nebraska Gives the Green Light

TransCanada Corp. has revealed its strongest hint so far that it has received enormous demand from producers who are eager to fill the Keystone XL pipeline, which has been... Read more »

Trial Moves Forward for McGuinty’s Aides

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, a judge in Toronto ruled that there is sufficient evidence against two aides of Dalton McGuinty, the former Ontario premier, for their trial to... Read more »