Canadian Films At Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival will begin on January 28, 2018 in Park City, Utah, and this year it will include 11 Canadian films and 2 VR works. Sundance was... Read more »

How Canadian Eli Gershkovitch Dominated the U.S. Open Beer Championship

In July 2017, brewers from around the world gathered in humble Oxford, Ohio, to participate in the U.S. Open Beer Championship. Unlike other high-level competitions, this gathering allows home... Read more »

Canada and the US Want To End the Diplomatic Row In With Pyongyang in Vancouver

If there is a term that risks being overused in the next couple of days is ‘diplomacy.’ There is an international summit set to be held in Vancouver with... Read more »

A Time Has Come For Canada to Do Better When It Comes to Foreign Aid

There is a very significant gap when it comes to reality and rhetoric regarding the record that has been set by Canada on international aid and the government of... Read more »

Dans La Rue Founder Emmett Johns Dies

Father Emmett Johns, a Catholic priest and founder of the Le Bon Dieu dans la rue outreach program for homeless youth in Montreal, died at the age of 89... Read more »

Life Line Screening Review: A Good Value for Proactive Preventative Care

In 1993, Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully founded Life Line Screening in Florida. Life Line Screening offers preventative health screenings that include several tests. The company has completed about... Read more »

Dog Influenza Found in More Canadian Dogs

Winter is flu season in most of the world for humans. This year, the flu virus is hitting people in a particularly bad way. Humans aren’t the only ones... Read more »

The Canada-US Relationship on the Rocks after the Canadian Attacks on America over Trade

The charm offensive by Canada to the United States was already underway before Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections. By the time of the inauguration of president trump... Read more »

The Canadian Government files A Complaint to the WTO against the US

Canada has filed a complaint against the United States at the World trade organization (WTO) which has challenged the way America conducts investigations regarding subsidies and sales that are... Read more »

More Women Set To Be Recruited In the Canadian Special Forces

The Canadian Special Forces are hoping to have women recruited in the coming years after 2018. This was according to the commanding officer of the elite Special Forces unit.... Read more »