Manitoba Crazy About Camping

The popularity of camping in Manitoba has exploded over the last 10 years. Unable to afford often overpriced cabins, in search of tranquility or a place to spend family holidays at... Read more »

Samuel Girard and Kim Boutin confirm their place on the provisional Olympic team

Samuel Girard and Kim Boutin confirmed their place on the provisional 2018 short track speed skating Olympic team with good results at the national teams on Saturday at the... Read more »

Far-right La Meute protesters holed up in parking garage

After being confined to an underground parking lot for several hours, members of La Meute were finally able to demonstrate in the streets of Quebec City late Sunday, against... Read more »

La Ronde removes a horse carousel displaying a cut-off Aboriginal head

The La Ronde de Montréal amusement park has removed a horse carousel with a cut-off Aboriginal head. A resident of the Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve near Montreal said she heard... Read more »

Canada’s New Food Guide Has Dairy Producers Worried

Health Canada will soon be presenting a new Canada Food Guide, reviewed and corrected. The ministry has launched a guidance document that should inspire the next Guide. Some dairy... Read more »

At Least One Canadian Victim in Barcelone

On Friday Spanish authorities unveiled the nationality of the victims of the attacks perpetrated in Catalonia and Canada is part of the provisional list. However, it was impossible to... Read more »

Murder In Saint-Léonard, Man Arrested

On Wednesday, a man in his forties was shot dead near the Parc Ladauversière, behind the school of the same name, in the borough of Saint-Léonard, in Montreal. He... Read more »

Atalante wants to open an “identity boxing club” in Quebec City

The extreme right-wing Atalante Quebec, which has put up anti-immigration banners in Quebec City on Monday, plans to open a combat club next month in the Old Capital. The... Read more »

Hudson Bay Removes Plaque For President Jefferson Davis

A commemorative plaque for former President Jefferson Davis was removed from a Hudson’s Bay Company building in downtown Montreal. spokeswoman Tiffany Bourré confirmed in an email to Quebec Daily... Read more »

Halifax Weather Man Finds Live Scorpion In Bananas

A Nova Scotia weather man was surprised by a recent visit to a Costco  in Halifax. In unpacking after a visit to the grocery store, Nathan Coleman, who works... Read more »