Canadian Entrepreneurs Give Some Great Advice

Several fantastic Canadian entrepreneurs recently gave advice as to how business owners should conduct themselves in order to be successful. The advice given by these individuals has been tested and found to be worthy.

The first Canadian entrepreneur to give advice was Meighen Neheme. Her advice is for new business owners to adapt to society. Meighen believes the business skills used yesterday might not work today, so it’s important to make sure every business owner notices the changes in society from one day to the next.

The next Canadian entrepreneur to give advice was Matt Jackson. Matt Jackson believes the key to keeping customers coming back is to motivate them. Matt believes it is worth it to spend money on designers who can create outstanding slogans and advertisements that touch the hearts of potential clients. Matt Jackson also believes the products or service being sold should get people excited, and this is usually done through special deals and making the customer feel like they are one-in-a-million.

CEO David Gens also gave advice for new entrepreneurs. David Gens believes the way to success is to do the opposite of similar business owners. If business owners with a similar product or service target the same 10 neighborhoods, David believes you should target neighborhoods that are far away from the 10 being targeted. David Gens stated that he has observed businesses become successful because they went into regions where they never expected to go.

Andrew Tai is one of the most successful business owners in Canada. His peace of advice is to be successful on the inside before being successful on the outside. Andrew Tai stated that he has a special pease in his heart and on his mind every morning when he gets up. A major portion of this peace comes from knowing when to spend time with family and friends and when to go to work. Andrew Tai believes it is impossible to be successful outside if an individual is not successful on the inside.

Carol Leaman is one of the most successful women and business owner in Canada. Her advice is to support every employee. Carol Leaman believes business owners need to compliment their employees, and they need to point out all the differences their employees make on a daily basis. Carol Leaman believes this will cause the employees to work harder, and the employees will be more eager to get more customers.

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