A Real Blow for Justin Trudeau

The BBC has confirmed that a top aide of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been linked with offshore schemes that may have stolen millions of dollars from the Canadian government in the form of taxes. The aide has been identified as Stephen Bronfman. If these allegations are true, they will most likely embarrass the current prime minister who has emphasized that he is against tax havens in his entire campaign. These revelations also involve another ex-senator affiliated with the Liberal Party known as Leo Kolber. For starters, Stephen Bronfman is the current chief fundraiser of the Liberal party, which is the party of Justin Trudeau. Lawyers representing the two gentlemen responded to the allegations saying that their clients had not evaded tax in any way. They also said their clients had not been involved in any illegal activities. The investigation has been made possible by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in collaboration with a Canadian broadcaster known as CBC. The two firms further confirmed that they had obtained information from an offshore law firm known as Appleby. They reported that the accused had moved money for over 20 years into offshore accounts using the investment firm known as Claridge. This is a firm owned by Mr. Bronfman.

The BBC reported that Stephen Bronfman is more than an aide to the current Canadian Prime Minister. They referred to his as a close friend and further said that he was very crucial to his rise to power. He was responsible for raising cash for the Liberty Party back in 2013. This happened after he was requested by the party to turn its financial troubles around. However, the key part of the deals revolves around the Cayman Islands where the firm owned by Mr. Bronfman runs a trust for Leo Kolber. On the other hand, Mr. Kolber like earlier mentioned used to serve as a senator. He holds the name Bagman from his dealings with Pierre Trudeau, the father of the current prime minister. He was appointed by Pierre Trudeau to serve as the chief fundraiser for the party. The leaked documents revealed that the ex-senator home was used for a fundraiser for the Liberal Party last September. The event had been co-hosted by the current chief fundraiser. Tax experts in Canada told the investigators that should the allegations be true, it could mean real trouble for the two gentlemen. However, it remains unclear whether Justin Trudeau was aware of these charges.

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