Canadian Government Increases the Capacity of Health Care Services for Veterans and RCMP Plus the Canadian Armed Forces Members

Men and women that are serving and protecting the Canadians deserve high-quality health care like all the other Canada citizen. The Canadian government is devoted to supporting veterans as well as the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) members by providing them with the physical and mental health care services that they need.

The Public Services and Procurement minister, Carla Qualtrough, announced that the government had awarded three contracts amounting to 310.9 million dollars to Calian Group Ltd. The company is based in Ottawa, and it will provide as well as manage health care services for VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada), Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the National Defence with these funds.

These contracts are going to be used in supplementing the internal healthcare workforce of each organization in delivering health care as well as healthcare support services. Under the contracts, Calian Group Ltd. will provide additional registered nurses, dentists, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals when required by the three departments. By supplementing the health care workforce that exists, the former men and women in uniform are going to have access to timely, complete healthcare countrywide.

Quick Facts About the Contract

1. The services will be used when requested
2. The length of each contract is about four years and six months with an option of extending up to eight additional years.
3. The expected initial value of each contract is 18.6 million dollars for the RCMP, 17.3 million dollars for VAC, and 275 million dollars for the National Defence.
4. All three contracts include compulsory terms to sub-contract with Indigenous businesses.
5. As part of the engagement of the industry for that procurement, three letters of interest and request for information (two in the year 2013 and one in the year 2015) as well as a request for proposal were all posted on the website called

Harjit S. Sajjan, who is the minister of National Defence, stated that the agreement demonstrates their government continued support of the citizens of Canada by streamlining health provider engagement to support the programs of the Veterans Affairs Canada. Providing Veterans Affairs Canada’s decision-makers access to professionals of healthcare is vital to the overall well-being of the veterans because it ensures their staff is capable of supporting them in the best way. They will continue streamlining their processes and invest in initiatives that are similar to improve the lives of all veterans as well as their families.


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