Canopy Growth Corp Plans To Up Its Cannabis Production in the Near Future

The largest licensed producer of cannabis in Canada goes by the name of Canopy Growth Corp. On Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, they announced that they were going to expand their operation to include three million more square feet of facilities for growing cannabis. This project will go on in British Columbia. Canopy Growth Corp hopes to double their production amounts.

In order to carry out this plan, Canopy Growth Corp is teaming up with a large scale company in British Columbia that operates a huge greenhouse. The venture that both companies are taking part in is called BC Tweed Joint Venture Inc.

The company that owns the greenhouses that will serve as future cannabis growing facilities goes by the name of BC. BC currently grows peppers, though they are going to outfit their facilities to grow cannabis.

The Cannabis that will be grown in these new facilities will be sold domestically in Canada.

The operation is expected to be a success due to the fact that Canopy Growth Corp. has gained so much experience over the years as the largest cannabis greenhouse in Canada. It also helps that BC has a long track record of producing enormous amounts of crops in their greenhouse.

Many people may not know the laws regarding cannabis in Canada. In 1923, cannabis was made illegal, though in 2001 it was made legal for medicinal purposes. However, it is still illegal to buy and sell for personal use. The government of Canada has been been discussing the idea of making cannabis legal for personal use. They have been discussing how it should be sold, and what restrictions should be placed on it. The government is still deliberating on the issue. Some of the restrictions that they have discussed include punishing those who supply cannabis to minors for personal use, as well as punishing those who are inebriated while driving.

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