International Scholarships on the Rise in Canada

A recent report has shown that the number of international students enrolling in Canadian universities is on the rise. This has been noted as some of the biggest universities in the country have resumed following the summer break. However, research can show that this trend began some few years ago. The number then reached its peak last year following the US presidential elections. As for the Canadian government, it faces an uphill task of maintaining this trend while at the same time convincing these applicants to stay in the country as permanent residents. For instance, 20 percent of the students at the University of Toronto are international students. This translates to 17,452 students in both graduate and undergraduate programs. About a decade ago, the population of international students at the university comprised of just 10 percent. There were only 7,380 students in the year 2007. A university registrar and executive director of enrollment at the university said that international situations are making Canada a beneficiary. For instance, the worries and the instability caused by Donald Trump and Brexit has resulted in an increase in the number of foreign students in Canada. Where students are looking for inclusiveness as well as safety and stability, Canada is a place that can guarantee all of these.

University of Toronto registrar says that they have a current goal of maintaining the number of international students at 20 percent. At the moment, Canada offers an environment where culture clash is not an issue. Instead, the nation offers an opportunity for people from all walks of life to grow together. A recent report obtained from the Canadian Bureau for International Education shows the leading countries when it comes to international students. They include Turkey, Brazil, Japan as a well as Nigeria. Other nations on this list include Saudi Arabia, the United States, France, South Korea and India. China also makes it to this list. This upward surge is also being experienced at other Canadian universities such as the University of Ottawa which has seen the population grow threefold. In one decade, the number has risen to 5583 students. The same case is happening at the University of British Columbia. Its population has risen to 14,433 from 9,144 in four years alone. However, students staying in Canada is up to their choice. Some say that they have committed to return to their home countries as they are in Canada under scholarships. Governments are the major funders of these scholarships.


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