Lessons for Bernie Sanders in Canada

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has never hidden his love and admiration for Canada. The one thing that he loves about the country is its health system. The New York Times wrote an article today detailing how the Vermont Senator has admired the system for the last 20 years. This happened when he decided to take a bus full of his constituents to Canada to buy subscription drugs. This is why Mr. Sanders wants to convince Americans to fall in love with his proposal, at least for the moment. To show the relevant stakeholders that he is serious, he decided to take another crew to Canada to demonstrate to them how the system works. The trips consisted of journalists, American health care providers as well as staffers. The destination this time was Toronto, and they travelled over the weekend. At the same time, it was seen as a publicity tour. The Canadian government, on the other hand, took the rare opportunity to showcase its hospitality. The government showed the videographers that had been recorded, satisfied patients, compassionate providers as well as high-tech providers.

At the end of the tour, the Vermont Senator managed to drop by the University of Toronto where he delivered a speech titled as “What the US can learn from Canadian health care.” Before we even begin to criticize the senator, we should ask ourselves what the senator learned from his trip in Canada. Even before Bernie Sanders made his way from his flight, a Canadian airport guard told him that he was his hero. During the weekend visit, Mr. Sanders learned that doctors also love free services just like patients. While there are many countries across the world where patients don’t have to pay for services, Canada is one of these countries where services are extremely free. All that Canadians have to do is who their Medicare card to access these services.

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