Why the Americans have Taken a Hard Stand Against Canada

During President’s Trump campaign, he often talked about two bogeymen who had to be punished once he became the president of the United States. As it turned out, these two men turned out to be Mexico and China. They only time that President Trump spoke about Canada was when a Canadian reporter asked him whether he would build a wall on the Canadian border. The president replied by saying that he loved Canada. However, this has changed since Donald Trump became president of the United States. Also, the appointment of Wilbur Ross as the commerce secretary has made Canada suffer in one way or the other. In fact, the country north of America has received more attention than they expected. The US has implemented some trade actions against the Far-East nations while Mexico has experienced the wrath of the US just once. However, oppression has become a routine for Canada in the last eight months. Just some three months ago, the US government decided to impose a duty of 19.5 percent to rubber from Korea, Poland, Mexico, and Brazil. While these sanctions have not hurt the respective economies of these nations, the situation has been different for Canada. Here is how Canada has hurt since Trump became president.

When the US government imposed softwood lumber exports from Canada, it affected a trade worth $5.66 billion. As for the Delta Airline and Bombardier deal that led to tariffs and duties for Canada, the deal was worth five billion dollars. These two deals just signify how much the Canadian deals have been hit by the Trump administration. At the moment, the Canadian government is negotiating with the American government on how they can revive the North American Free Trade Agreement. The ongoing softwood lumber disagreement between the two nations is only going to intensify in the next few months. According to economic experts, there are plenty of reasons why the US has taken a strong stand against Canada. Some experts say that that the US government wants to have a bargaining chip when sitting down for the NAFTA renegotiations. The reason why the US is pressing hard on Canada than Mexico is that the Americans fear Mexicans more than they fear Canadians. This is according to a Canadian expert known as Peter Clark who is also as Canadian trade consultant. He further says that the US knows that Canada usually responds appropriately than their Mexican counterparts.

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