More Women Set To Be Recruited In the Canadian Special Forces

The Canadian Special Forces are hoping to have women recruited in the coming years after 2018. This was according to the commanding officer of the elite Special Forces unit. The CO, Major General Mike Rouleau said that the elite group was making considerations to recruit women who would engage in covert operations to hunt high valued targets and terrorists who threatened Canadian national security. General Rouleau noted that recruiting women into Canadian Special forces would not only meet the need by society to have gender balance in all aspects of human life, but it would also improve the effectiveness of the unit.

The unit’s commanding officer said that having more females in the elite force would allow them to be more flexible in the field of battle. He added that women would allow the unit to be more under the radar in specific circumstances. In some countries that have provided a haven for terrorists, it would draw attention when two men of foreign origin were spotted walking together. Rouleau suggested that having a male and a female conduct an operation together would give the unit a lower profile in the modern battlefield where Islamist fighters and terrorist organizations operate in the concrete jungle. General Rouleau has in the past commanded the JTF-2 which happens to be the most elite counter-terrorism military unit in all of Canada.

The commanding officer said that recognizing the significant role that women can play most Canadian allies have recognized covert in operations. He added that tier one units that are often called upon to hunt down and neutralize terrorists would have to regroup and start operating more like the intelligence community rather than commandos who knock on doors in the conventional military setting. The president of Reticle Security, retired Colonel Steve day added that Canadian allies were already deploying men and women alongside each other to perform the softer tasks of gathering intelligence in battlefields which are very critical for the preparation and success of any mission.

The retired colonel noted that5 although deploying females in high-risk operations was synonymous with a James Bond movie, it was critical in annihilating terrorists from the face of the earth. At the moment, only 145 of the total 2,200 Special Forces persons are on active duty. Major general Rouleau said that his command had plans to increase that number t0 25%. The one woman out of every four elite special operations soldiers would conform to a policy that was recently implemented by the Canadian military.

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