Policy Makers Are Talking About Making The Exorbitant Prices of Childcare More Affordable

The cost and availability of childcare in Canada is a huge issue that policy makers are grappling with. The prices of daycare are increasing quicker than the rate of... Read more »

Canadian Government Increases the Capacity of Health Care Services for Veterans and RCMP Plus the Canadian Armed Forces Members

Men and women that are serving and protecting the Canadians deserve high-quality health care like all the other Canada citizen. The Canadian government is devoted to supporting veterans as... Read more »

Canadian News

In light of the recent decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel, some news accounts leave Canada appearing to be backing... Read more »

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Meet President Xi Jinping Today to Discuss a Possible Trade Deal

With President Donald Trump’s threat in August to pull out the U.S from NAFTA, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is out to strengthen Canada’s trade ties with China. China ranks... Read more »

Canadian Women Cyclists Win World Cup Gold

During the third part of a prestigious world track cycling event conducted in Milton, Ontario, the Canadian women cyclists team beat New Zealand in the Team Pursuit race to... Read more »

Trade Ministers Says Progress Made in Reducing Barriers on Cross-border Alcohol Sales

According to the article published in the Canadian Business, Canada’s internal-trade ministers said that they’re making progress on the reduction of the interprovincial alcohol sales barriers, even before the... Read more »

Canada to Issue an Apology to People Discriminated Because of their Sexual Orientation

Simon Thwaites says that he used to work with the Canadian Navy as a video analyzer back in the 1980s. He remembers the time when he was taken away... Read more »

Real Estate Market in Western Canada

According to a recent news story, Western Canada has a booming real estate market. Many people do not think about moving to this part of the country. However, the... Read more »

Keystone XL Clients Ready to Fill Pipeline with Oil If Nebraska Gives the Green Light

TransCanada Corp. has revealed its strongest hint so far that it has received enormous demand from producers who are eager to fill the Keystone XL pipeline, which has been... Read more »

Ontario Expert Cameron Clokie Talks About The New FDA Regulations Governing Regenerative Medicine in America

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for evaluating the safety of all foods and prescriptions that enter the U.S. market. The FDA sets certain regulations that... Read more »