Dans La Rue Founder Emmett Johns Dies

Father Emmett Johns, a Catholic priest and founder of the Le Bon Dieu dans la rue outreach program for homeless youth in Montreal, died at the age of 89... Read more »

Groups Want Meat to be Taxed

Why do some environmental interest groups want animal products to be taxed by the same “sin tax” as other harmful commodities such as sugar, tobacco, and carbon? The Farm... Read more »

The Producers of Marijuana in Canada set their Sights on Worldwide Domination

Canadian producers of cannabis are set to prepare to export the product as both medical and recreational marijuana is legalized in many parts of the world. Consumers of medical... Read more »

Arctic Cold Mass Brings Freezing Cold Temperatures

An Arctic mass has brought extremely cold temperatures to Canada. The extremely cold temperatures had an effect on many New Year’s Eve celebrations. Many of the outdoor festivities in... Read more »

Montréal’s “La Presse” Prints Its Final Physical Newspaper

Montréal’s historic weekly newspaper La Presse released its last printed edition on December 30th. From now on La Presse will only be available in a digital format. Pierre-Elliott Levasseur,... Read more »

Endangered Rhino Born in Toronto Zoo

Christmas Eve is a wonderful time to get a new baby… even if that baby happens to be a rhinoceros, and especially if it is the first one born... Read more »

Large Solar Energy Project Debuts in Alberta

The southeastern Alberta landscape has been radically changed by a massive solar power array that will provide electricity for more than 3,000 homes. This solar energy project is located... Read more »

The Autopsies Of Billionaire Barry Sherman And His Wife Underway

Billionaire Barry Sherman together with his wife Honey, were found in their home brutally murdered. According to the police, the deaths were suspiscious The autopsies are being conducted by... Read more »

The Canadian Military Plans to Buy the F-18 Hornet

Canadian forces posted an F-18 Super Hornet’s photo on Facebook instead of the second-hand F 18s from Australia that are three decades old. The military’s team on social media... Read more »

Labradorian Mayor Injured in Apparent Hunting Accident

John Hickey, the mayor of a small Labradorian town called Happy Valley-Goose Bay, undertook a “superhuman” effort to save his own life after being shot in the face in... Read more »