Canadian Builders Use Green Techniques to Build Larger Energy-Efficient Buildings

Large green buildings are becoming a priority for Canadian builders. In the last five years, about 2000 residential single-family homes have been constructed with what is known as passive... Read more »

Microsoft Supports Vancouver’s “Supercluster” Application

Microsoft President Brad Smith announced plans Wednesday to hire another 50 people in Vancouver, whose federal application for the the so-called “supercluster” strategy is being supported by the Seattle-based... Read more »

Drones Incidents in Canada

Drones are becoming a common thing everywhere you go. This brings about the importance of regulating these unmanned aircrafts. This has even being magnified by the incident in Canada... Read more »

Canada may snub Boeing, looks to buy Australian fighter jets

In the latest move of a trade dispute between Canada and the U.S., Canada announced it is seeking to buy used Australian fighter jets, a deal that if completed... Read more »

Bombardier’s new business jet to debut at U.S. trade show

Bombardier’s newest business jet will be unveiled this week in Las Vegas at the National Business Aviation Association’s industry trade show. With its first deliveries scheduled for late next... Read more »

Mapping the Universe

The Universe is a vast entity, one which we as a species are fortunate to understand a small chunk of, in the grand scheme of things. The latest development... Read more »

Alarm Signal For Striped Bass in Western Canada

The striped bass is a delicious fish. It has been in the Saguenay for about 10 years but it is prohibited to fish for the purpose of restoring this endangered... Read more »

Halifax Weather Man Finds Live Scorpion In Bananas

A Nova Scotia weather man was surprised by a recent visit to a Costco  in Halifax. In unpacking after a visit to the grocery store, Nathan Coleman, who works... Read more »