Canada and the US Want To End the Diplomatic Row In With Pyongyang in Vancouver

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The Canada-US Relationship on the Rocks after the Canadian Attacks on America over Trade

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The Canadian Government files A Complaint to the WTO against the US

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Records Show That after Sound Attacks, the Canadian Government Sent Doctors to Cuba

According to new memos that have been declassified, the federal government of Cuba sent a medical practitioner to Cuba to have diplomats suffering from short-term memory to nosebleeds examined... Read more »

Canadian Government warned By Diplomats of Russian Meddling in Their elections And Finance Systems

The Canadian foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland is investigating Russian Meddling in Canadian affairs through espionage. Freeland hoped to use the meeting in Ukraine on Friday to dig for more... Read more »

Deal between Canada and Europe Poses a massive disadvantage for Lobster exports from America

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Canada’s Embassy to Remain in Tel Aviv

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Will Trudeau Forge a Trade Deal with China’s President Xi Jinping?

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The United States Could Be Pushing Canada Towards ‘Free Trade’ with China

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Canada Grants Refugee Status in Around 60 Percent of Migrant Cases

According to the article on the, more than half of the immigrant asylum claims heard by the officials of Canada refugee in 2017 have been successful. The latest... Read more »