Companies in Canada Considering Incentive for Non-Smokers

Many modern workplaces are realizing how important it is to have healthy workers. Certain companies will offer cheaper insurance plans and a whole slew of other incentives for employees that meet specified requirements. As time goes on, many companies are trying to ensure that workers are no longer smoking cigarettes. Recently, a Japanese company made waves by announcing that non-smokers will be receiving more vacation time than their smoking colleagues. Here is more information concerning how Canadian business owners are looking into the issue of smoking in the workplace.

Global News reports that Noise Digital, a Canadian technology company, is considering offering more vacation time for workers that are non-smokers. A company in Japan had recently announced plans to give non-smoking workers six extra vacation days per year. The reason for offering extra vacation days to non-smokers was created because the CEO felt that smokers earn time away from work while on smoke breaks. Not only that, studies have found the workers who smoke often pay higher insurance costs which adds up to more expenses for an employer.

The issue of smoking in the workplace is one that can spark a lot of debate between colleagues. There are certain individuals who believe that incentives for non-smokers alienate those who continue to smoke cigarettes. Detractors of the non-smoking incentive feel that letting certain workers have more vacation time will only harbor resentment in the workplace. Canadian company Playground Inc feels that this non-smoking policy is based in shame and would not bode well for a business to enact.

In summary, certain Canadian businesses are considering whether to give non-smoking workers additional vacation time. A Japanese company recently announced that it would give non-smokers six extra vacation days that smokers would not receive. This company believes that smokers receive extra time not working while taking smoke breaks. The controversial decision to incentivize non-smokers is currently being looked at by many Canadian business owners. Currently, no Canadian businesses have made official decisions stating that non-smoking employees will receive extra vacation time when compared to colleagues that smoke.

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