New Regulations Concerning Cannabis in Ontario

It has emerged that the Ontario government is planning on revolutionizing the way marijuana is sold in the province. For instance, the government has announced that there will be close to 150 stand-alone stores as well as online ordering services. The government announced the implementation of the key components using the following means. First, the government will oversee the opening of around 80 stand-alone stores by the end of June 2019. The remaining 70 stores will be opened by the end of 2020. The online distribution platform will be up and running by the end of July next year. However, the government also said that there would be a minimum age of 19 for people wishing to use pot. This includes possession and purchase of the recreation commodity in the province. This plan was unveiled by Eric Hoskins who is the health minister, Charles Sousa the finance minister as well as Yasir Naqvi who is the attorney general. It has also been revealed that the plan will be overseen by LCBO. This means that under no circumstance will alcohol and marijuana be sold at the same place. Also, the new guidelines have stipulated that the recreation marijuana cannot be used in public spaces. At the same time, it cannot be smoked at work places and cars meaning that it is allowed in private residences alone.

To ensure that young people don’t smoke, police have been given the jurisdiction to confiscate small pots from young people. According to Naqvi, the main purpose of this plan to regulate the sale of unsafe marijuana. At the same time, the new regulations will lead to the closure of illegal marijuana shops in the province. This is being achieved through the OPP, local police forces as well as the federal government. The government of Ontario has issued a warning for those illegal operating shops. At the same time, it was revealed that the plan would make use of knowledgeable and trained staff. The ministry of finance said that they are cautious about the plan as it is likely to be exploited by minors. This means that the new cannabis stores will be subjected the same standards as the alcohol ones. This means that all the deals will be conducted behind the counter to ensure that the deal is not visible to the young people. There will be a mandatory training of staff and self-service is prohibited.

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