Politicians and Police Officers Joining the Marijuana Business in Canada

There is an exciting group of entrepreneurs who look to enter into the pot business as Canada moves towards passing legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana: politicians and police officers. Julian Fantino, the former police chief in Toronto was utterly opposed to the legalization of pot in 2015 and proposed for a mandatory jail term for those found culpable of minor marijuana possession crimes. The former police chief who has also served as a cabinet minister in the previous government that was formed by the conservatives has sharply criticized the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Mr. Fantino has alluded that passing such as legislation in the Canadian parliament would make it a regular activity where people would smoke marijuana on a daily basis. Just last month, Julian Fantino together with Raf Souccar, a former deputy commissioner for RCMP opened a health network that helps patients gain access to medical marijuana known as Aleafia. Fantino has also had a change of opinion on the recreational cannabis legalization issue. He has told the Star Newspaper of Toronto that he now supports the legalization of the recreational pot so long as the relevant authorities keep it away from criminals and children.

In another interview with the Canadian broadcasting corporation, he alluded that his statements about pot legalization in 2015 were in a different era from the one we are living in now. The former police chief said that his change of heart ion recreational marijuana issue came about when he met a veteran soldier who relied on it to survive. Mr. Fantino said that he met the soldier when he served as the cabinet minister for veteran affairs and that the veteran had a medical condition the doctor’s had to prescribe medicinal cannabis as one of the medications.

Marijuana activists have sometimes faced criminal charges in courts of law for campaigning against prohibition throughout the 20th and the 21st century. The activists showed distrust and anger in Mr. Fantino’s change of heart about the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana. Dana Larsen, one of the most notable pot activists in Canada said that the decision to enter into the cannabis industry by Mr. Fantino was not only shameful, but it was also unacceptable.

There is likely to be an emergence of a multi-billion dollar commerce industry on cannabis after the passing of the legalization legislation which is feared to elbow out the marijuana counterculture that has thrived in Canada for decades. The former cabinet minister and the police chief are one of the most controversial figures to enter into the cannabis industry.

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