Is Canada in a Position to Play a Role In solving the North Korean crisis?

The Canadian government alongside their US counterparts are set to host an international meeting for foreign Secretaries for the UN member states in Vancouver to deliberate on the way forward regarding the Korean Peninsula. This conference is set to take place as the economic sanctions imposed, but the United Nations on Pyongyang begin to take effect. The foreign ministers’ meeting is scheduled for January 16, 2018, from 16 countries that were in the forefront in fighting the coalition led by the United Nations to fighting in the Korean War between 1950 and 1953.

These member states are set to meet in what is now called the Vancouver Group along with Japan, Sweden, India, and South Korea. The meeting is set to address two critical issues that include the preparation for diplomacy to end the tension in the Korean peninsula and how to collectively exert pressure on Pyongyang regarding economic embargo so that Kim Jong Un can abandon his Nuclear missile program and efficiently the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

The conference comes at a critical time when the US president Donald Trump and the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un publicly goad at each other. The great leader of the repressive regime in Pyongyang had dropped hints that he is willing to hold talks to end the stalemate. On the other hand, President Donald Trump has maintained that his administration was not ready to hold any talks with Pyongyang until Kim first abandoned his nuclear missile program and allowed inspectors from the United Nations to clear the regime from any claims of piling weapons of mass destruction.

For instance, North Korea has re-established a communication line with South Korea at a border village along the 38th parallel and has agreed to participate in the Winter Olympics which will be held in South Korea. The United Nations has welcomed any international action against Pyongyang that does not involve the use of military force.

The return of Canada as a co-host in the active role of dealing with the Korean crisis is also very welcome according to top officials from the United Nations. However, the Canadian government will have to step up its credibility on the Pyongyang issue so that it can earn the trust of nations that are in the lead of dealing with Kim Jong Un. For more than seven years now, Canada has not been actively present in engaging with North Korea despite having diplomatic relations with Pyongyang in the past.

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