The Producers of Marijuana in Canada set their Sights on Worldwide Domination

Canadian producers of cannabis are set to prepare to export the product as both medical and recreational marijuana is legalized in many parts of the world. Consumers of medical marijuana in Prague made a call to Canada to import the commodity since the legalization legislation took effect at the beginning of 2018. Prague is demanding the importation of a high THC cannabis product known as Tilray Milled cannabis which is grown and processed in Vancouver Island.

One of the latest frontier markets to sell cannabis from Canada is the Czech Republic joining New Zealand, Australia, Germany and a host of other countries which have now resorted to Canada as a legal and safe source for medical grade marijuana. In the recent months of last year alone, more than ten nations have passed legislation to make medical marijuana legal. A host of other countries and some states in the United States have also made recreational marijuana legal. In at least a dozen more nations, legislation is still pending or being muscled through in their respective parliaments to have medical marijuana legalized.

Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) has given recognition to the legal use of medical cannabis which had been long annihilated from the list of pharmaceutical drugs by numerous international treaties. The moves by international organizations and countries from all around the world have ignited a demand for legally grown and high—quality marijuana at unprecedented levels. The oil which is extracted from cannabis sativa has a high medicinal and nutritional value due to its high concentration of the marijuana’s active ingredient known as delta-nine tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Seven producers in Canada have been given the licenses required to export the product. It is projected that the seven exporting producers will have sent 911 liters of cannabis oil and 528 kilograms of dried cannabis flower overseas by the end of March this year. That may just be the start of a multi-billion dollar business as the demand for cannabis is expected to plummet as more and more nations accept the use of medical marijuana in their respective jurisdictions.

The ban on the production, processing and local and international sale of marijuana for decades limited any meaningful research on how the product could be used for medical purposes. Prohibition laws ensured the growing of cannabis was illegal whereas the criminal ground retained its distribution network. However, medical research has proven that marijuana can be used to treat multiple conditions in human beings including stress control, multiple sclerosis, and the control of epileptic seizures.

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