Reforms to be Made in the Canadian Military

A top military general in Canada said that the military was looking for a way to redesign its system to make it possible to find employment for the servicemen who cannot be deployed for many reasons. These remarks were made by the chief of defense staff Gen. Jonathan Vance. The Canadian military for decades has been accused of discarding service members who were unfit to serve especially the injured. This happened despite pleas from these members to continue with service. The general said that he was open to flexibility and that he was looking for ways to improve the careers of these wounded servicemen. This follows the introduction of new defense policies by the federal government. The new policy stipulates that wounded service members will be allowed to stay in the service on a case by case basis. He also addressed the issue of suicide prevention strategy by mentioning that the military was looking into redesigning the armed forces structure in regards to this. As a result, post-traumatic disorders will not prevent people from continuing with the service. He emphasized on the need of giving these people a life’s purpose. At the same time, it’s important to remove the automatic-ness that whoever comes forward with a mental disorder challenge will be ejected from the army. He said that there are currently a good number of people with this challenge who are still serving.

According to the general, if they look closer, there are parts of the army where the injured could find employment. The Canadian military has been subjected to the universality of service for long. This is a rule that makes it mandatory for service members to be ready for deployment. This could be either abroad or home on a moment’s notice. Under this rule, those that have been injured are given three years to recover. A medical release follows where they are unable to recover within this period. This has become a major issue in the last few years and was magnified when 1,700 military members fought in Afghanistan annually. Some members of the military suffered from post-traumatic disorders and were ejected from the military under the medical category. The previous conservative government denied allegations that members were forcefully ejected from the army following years of service. A retired corporal known as Glen Kirkland said that they should wait and see how things turn out. The corporal survived a roadside bomb that killed three service members.

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