Why Gas Prices Are Rising In Canada

Canadians are feeling the pain at the pump. Even though Alberta has the cheapest prices, gas is still costly. The cost of gas is $1.26 per liter in Edmonton. The gas is $1.38 per liter in Calgary.

There are several things that are contributing to the rising gas costs in Canada. Decreased oil production in the United States is one of those factors. Canada gets a lot of its gas from the oil refineries in the United States. ExxonMobile and BP refinery have both slowed down their production.

Demand for gas in America has also increased. United States consumers demand an average of 257,000 barrels of gasoline per day. The falling unemployment rate is one of the things that has contributed to the rising gas prices. The supply for gas is not meeting the demand. That is why gas prices are rising in United States. California has the highest gas prices in the United States.

Unfortunately, things will probably get worse before they get better. The ruptured pipeline has been fixed. Refineries will be completing their seasonal maintenance soon. However, there are other things that are contributing to the rising gas prices. The cost of crude oil is increasing.

Demand for oil is growing in many parts of the country. The fact that Saudi Arabia is currently threatening to go to war with Yemen and Lebanon is not making things any better. On Halloween night, a barrel of intermediate crude in West Texas costs $54. It is currently $57.24.

There are still ways that Canadians can save money on gas. One of the best things that people can do to save money gas is to keep their car in tip top shape. A well-maintained car uses less gas. You may also want to consider investing in a hybrid vehicle because they are fuel-efficient.

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