Atalante wants to open an “identity boxing club” in Quebec City

Atalante Quebec

The extreme right-wing Atalante Quebec, which has put up anti-immigration banners in Quebec City on Monday, plans to open a combat club next month in the Old Capital.

The organization says it wants to set up an identity fighting club that would be called “Phalange – boxing club identity”. Atalante Québec did not confirm the information to any Quebec media, but gave an interview to a Serbian digital media at the beginning of the month.

In an interview with Zentropa Serbia, the spokesman of Atalante Québec, a man named Alexander, said the group is a revolutionary. He also mentions that he developed his ideology in reaction to the “brainwashing” that “leftist” professors imposed on him.

For more than a year, Atalante Québec has been deploying anti-immigration banners, distributing food to homeless people of Quebec origin and organizing parades on the streets of Québec City.

An anti-immigration demonstration is scheduled this Sunday by the group La Meute, which calls for the mobilization of groups sharing the same ideology. It is a safe bet that members of Atalante Québec will be present.

Several groups of counter-demonstrators, including the “Welcome to Refugees” movement, have confirmed their presence in opposition to right-wing groups.

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