The Mighty Fortress Church Brings God’s Word to Minneapolis

Mighty Fortress Church has the freedom to express gratitude to God

Michigan’s Lutheran churches organized a celebration of the Protestant Reformation and its leader with a memorial concert precisely 500 years after Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. The movement that he started thrives today in society and the Lutheran church. Organizers named the event for Luther’s hymn, “A Mighty Fortress,” as a tribute to the religious leader and the courageous stand that he took in 1517.

Celebrating the Reformation
The October event let everyone participate by singing along during the program and listening to ministers from area Lutheran churches describe the musicians’ inspiration for writing some of Christianity’s most loved hymns. A highlight of the event was a presentation of the “Battle Hymn of the Reformation” by a mass choir from members of the state’s Lutheran churches. In September, PBS released its film of the life of Martin Luther, and area churches offered free admission for showings of the historical account of his life.

Finding a Church Home
The majestic name of Martin Luthor’s historically significant hymn, Mighty Fortress, distinguishes the church that honors it in Minneapolis. The church welcomes everyone to join the congregation and experience a deepening relationship with Christ. Through knowledge and understanding, members and visitors can find a connection with Christ that provides a peaceful and harmonious existence. The search for a meaningful and lasting relationship with like-minded individuals drives many to seek a church that offers a safe home, and Mighty Fortress International is a place that does. In its uniquely different approach, it changes lives through the vitality of worship services that reveal the authenticity of Biblical teachings. Christians see the relevance of Christ’s teachings in everyday life, and the multi-dimensional ministry at Mighty Fortress offers the assurance of God’s presence and His life-changing word.

Accepting a Loving Welcome
While churches share a common belief that everyone is a child of God, some seem unable to demonstrate the love that a Father has for His children. The expression of welcome at Mighty Fortress Church envelopes everyone who attends any service to experience the warmth and acceptance that abounds. The love for each other that Christ taught is visible everywhere, and it creates a community of believers who care deeply for others. The rituals that some churches rely on do not have a place at Mighty Fortress. The church knows that the meaningless repetition of words and rituals every week contributes nothing too spiritual development, and it does not choose to honor stilted worship. The approach that the church that serves Minneapolis endorses shows that it values each person as a child of God who deserves love and respect. It welcomes everyone to “come as they are” without the pretense of dressing or acting in any superficial way. Everyone has value and can contribute significantly to the body of Christ in an atmosphere that provides a comfortable and reassuring experience.


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Worshipping at the Mighty Fortress Church
Regular attendance at church helps believers develop and strengthen their relationships with God as they sing praises, read the Bible, hear the spoken word and learn from the minister’s wisdom. By focusing on the greatness of God and expressing gratitude for His power to change lives, believers receive inspiration and spiritual renewal. The band and choir provide support for the worship team as all aspects of the religious experience welcome the presence of God. Each person at Mighty Fortress Church has the freedom to express gratitude to God, and the church stands in praise and support.

Knowing What to Expect from God’s Word
For believers who see the power of God’s word at work in their lives every day, it is easy to see it affect the lives of others as well. Christians expect to have a vital relationship with God, and the focus of the church is to bring together people who want God’s life-changing presence in their lives. The teachings illustrate the principles of victorious Christian living, and every lesson encourages believers to nurture the faith that can help them achieve prosperous and rewarding lives. As an open and honest source of inspiration and guidance, the Mighty Fortress provides the answers to life’s most difficult challenges.

Finding Acceptance
One of the treasured hymns of the Christian church expresses the need of believers to come to God “just as I am,” and the Mighty Fortress Church embodies the concept in every aspect of its services. At Mighty Fortress Church International, everyone receives a warm welcome into the community of believers who want to experience a life-changing and transformational influence. The loving and accepting atmosphere makes all races and cultures feel appreciated and included, and the ministry welcomes inquiries about its wide range of services and programs.

Meeting Bishop Thomas Williams, Senior Pastor
His preparation for the ministry with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from North Central University and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from St. Paul’s Bethel University and Seminary helps make Bishop Williams an inspirational figure. Two honorary Doctorate degrees from St. Thomas College and Midwest Christian College and Seminary attest to the admiration that he earns as an apostolic voice in the ministry. Sabrina R. Grant-Williams, his wife, and their three children serve as a testimony to their commitment to God, family and the ministry.


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