The Canadian Government files A Complaint to the WTO against the US

Canada has filed a complaint against the United States at the World trade organization (WTO) which has challenged the way America conducts investigations regarding subsidies and sales that are below cost. However, the US government responded to the allegations branding them as unfounded. The claims come amid disputes between the two North American countries over different sectors of the economy such as lumbering, aircraft sales, and dairy products.

The renegotiation of the North American Trade Agreement has also become a bone of contention for the two countries. The complaint by the Canadians which is 32 pages long cites the investigation of products by the US government from other nations around the globe with some decisions that are two decades old dating as back as 1996. The Canadian government alluded that Americans miscalculates rates and gives restrictions to countries or parties that want to defend their products against the allegations. The US allegedly has information cut off too early while the process is still going on.

Canada also accuses the United States International Trade Commission of bias in disputes over the six commissioners in the body who are divide evenly. This results in an automatic finding for the US government. The president of the Rideau Potomac Strategy Group, Eric Miller, said that the filing had an unprecedented scope of issues that the US seems to be used to frustrate a free global economy. The Rideau Potomac Strategy Group consults on the issues that affect the North American Trade. Miller added that the charges against the US were on a global scale and that they had been around for many years. He said that the US had intentionally and systematically targeted imports from other countries and even banned them without due process.

The complaint will undoubtedly be the benchmark on how WTO decides its cases without coercion or due influence from powerful nations such as the United States. The claims by the Canadian government targets processes that have been successfully deployed for numerous times by the Trump administration. Since his oath of office, President Trump has implemented a protectionist policy on world commerce and trade relationships and agreements with other countries from all over the world. More than 80 countervailing duty and anti-dumping investigations in 2017 alone. This was an increase by 46% from the previous administration. The investigations can lead to very competitive tariffs and often ignited by private firms who submit their complaints to the US Department of Commerce.

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