Canadian Government warned By Diplomats of Russian Meddling in Their elections And Finance Systems

The Canadian foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland is investigating Russian Meddling in Canadian affairs through espionage. Freeland hoped to use the meeting in Ukraine on Friday to dig for more information on a Russian man who was apprehended on accusations of espionage. The suspect attended a meeting that was hosted by the Canadian Prime Minister and his Ukrainian counterpart this fall.

However, officials from the Canadian government said that it was not a matter of national security and that despite the fact that Freeland was planning to raise it in Ukraine, it would not spur a significant discussion in the inner circles of the Canadian government. Just this year, the espionage suspect, Stanislav Yezhov was part of a delegation of the Ukrainian Prime minister on a state visit to Canada.

The suspect was part of a meeting held by the Canadian Prime minister and other officials of the Canadian government at senior levels. Yezhov has also accompanied the Ukrainian Prime Minister on separate trips to the United Kingdom and the United States. Following Yezhov’s arrest which happened on Wednesday, even the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman, has blamed him for working for a hostile nation.

Yezhov has been an agent for the Russian government for a long time and has been using electronic media to pass information to Moscow. The Ukrainian Premiere told legislators that Yezhov had been denied access to confidential information at a time when he was being investigated for espionage. A court of law in Ukraine gave a directive on Friday that Yezhov should be remanded until February 17.

His defense lawyer argued that the suspects had not pleaded guilty to the charges of espionage. The Polish Ambassador to Canada, Andrzej Kurnicki, said that there are things that the Canadian government should be worried about when it comes to the threat posed by Yezhov’s surveillance for Kremlin. Kurnicki noted that Canada should be extra careful because Russians have been known to use advanced technology to corrupt a country’s systems of finance.

He said that Russian hackers have affected markets using misleading or innovative information and tampered with critical data stored in the cloud. The main reason why Russia would perpetrate such attacks would sow market uncertainty. Kurnicki said that destabilizing the Canadian natural resources industry would inflate the value of the energy assets in Russia on the global market. The oil and gas prices in the world market tend to hike whenever there is uncertainty in the global economy.




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