Records Show That after Sound Attacks, the Canadian Government Sent Doctors to Cuba

According to new memos that have been declassified, the federal government of Cuba sent a medical practitioner to Cuba to have diplomats suffering from short-term memory to nosebleeds examined amid fears of acoustic attacks. Health Canada’s Dr. Jeffrey Chernin visited Havana where he revealed that symptoms experienced by American citizens in Cuba were similar to those of the Canadian personnel. The reports of the mysterious acoustic attack which has not been explained till now were discovered during the summer which prompted the US government to expel Cuban diplomats from Washington and recall all the US representatives back home from Havana.

The Canadian government in August acknowledged that there were Canadian nationals in Cuba whose number was unspecified who had been affected by the perplexing phenomenon. However, there is very little that has been reported by Global Affairs. Under the Access to Information Act, the Canadian press has been able to obtain records that were formally classified. In the reports, The Canadian press found out that the Canadian mission in Havana was looking for assistance as early as May in the mode of progression for the Canadian personnel who were experiencing such health problems.

One of the Canadian diplomats, Karen Foss, has said in a written report that most of the signs by the personnel were related to excessive stress and there was also the possibility they could also be effects of mental health-related issues. Mr. Foss added that conducting medical tests would be of great help in ruling out cases and giving reassurance to Canadian personnel that their government has the means to provide health care even while they are abroad. The symptoms experienced by the Canadian staff in Havana include cognitive issues such as short-term memory loss. Nosebleeds, hearing loss, nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

However, it remains a mystery to data about the cause and who was behind the acoustic attacks. In an email that was written on May 28, Foss said that the government had not yet found answers to the mystery and that the nationals involved were left with no choice but to sift through the already available information. A week later, Mr. Foss reported that the leader of the Canadian mission in Havana had called for an emergency meeting for his personnel to alert them to the increased level of threat from the mysterious attacks. An overview of the security situation also advised for the need to review the specifics of every person who served in Canada’s mission to Cuba.

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